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Musings about airports & airplanes

A few weeks ago while sitting alone, I found myself listening in on the conversation of a group of people nearby me. This wasn’t at all out of the ordinary, but something I heard has stuck since then, for some reason. One of the men laughed and continued on to say “I want my home to feel like a hotel.” This hilariously ironic statement rung through my head again yesterday morning as I sunk down into the uncomfortable middle seat between two complete strangers- a woman who was coughing in intervals with maybe 20 seconds in between each, scrolling down her facebook even though nothing on the page had refreshed since we flew beyond range of cell-service, and the other stranger, a man who fell dead-asleep within the first 5 minutes of being up in the clouds. I feel like the only place that feels less like a home than a hotel is an airplane. You’re, what, like 40,000 feet above the ground you’re used to walking upon? And more often than not, you’re surrounded by nothing but unfamiliar faces- actually, they might as well be faceless. Not even real people, just figures with human-like features, something resembling life that you’re expected to breathe the same recycled air as for a few hours. I mean, its not awful or anything, and I’m not complaining about the insane feat that airplanes are, I just believe that travelling by airplane is one of the stranger things we do in this day and age. And how casually we do so! It’s so funny to me how in the 50’s, passengers would dress to the nines when going to the airport, and it was something so fabulous and bourgeois, but now, most of us trudge through the TSA line in sweatpants and hoodies and slip-on shoes, completely stressed out over every little thing whether it be the long line at Starbucks or a gate-change. I’m not complaning though, at least we’re not practically breaking our necks from turbulance like people would back then. Airports are kinda beautiful and poetic in a way. There’s so much love in airports, people crying at goodbyes, and people crying at it’s-been-so-longs, and whispers everywhere of “have a safe flight.” Though I think I’d take a road-trip over a flight anyday, mostly because I’d rather see everything close-up, travelling by plane is an experience everyone should have at least a few times.

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