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Pages from my journal (II)

I made a post just like this back in July or August, and since I just finished all the pages in my current jornal, I thought I’d publish a little sequel. My journal is mostly very personal writing, pages full of things I would only share with one or two people i’m closest with. They aren’t artistic in the slightest either, unless you count a few doodles here and there. These are a few pages that I was comfortable enough to share, minus a few names I blanked out just to keep other people’s privacy (and my own.)


a bit of brainstorming from when I was planning this post


Things I associate with love (whether it be platonic or romantic, either one.)


A list of just a select few of my bad habits


The arrow says it all- this was put in the middle of a journal entry because I didn’twant to disrupt the “flow” of it


What I love about people, not relating to their appearences + a list of what I love about autumn, back when I was longing for solace from the summer humidity here.


Public transportation musings from when I was late to meet a friend (I wrote down everything that was coming to my mind, so we could still talk about it in order to make up for the time we lost.) ((Not sure what that last bullet-point is referring to, though.))


If you missed the first journal post I made back in the summer, check it out here!


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