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A Waiting Game

For a while now I’ve noticed, as have those who surround me, that I’ve played the waiting game one too many times. I’m a regular contestant and the more I play the more obscure the desired result becomes, and I begin to ask myself- why am I waiting? What am I waiting for? Who am I waiting for? Until I finally came to the realization that the only person I’ve been waiting for was myself.

I wasn’t waiting for ‘the right moment.’ But instead I was waiting for myself to get over my own fear of the unknown, which has prevented me from pursuing the opportunities and moments I’ve so often sought after. Therefore I’m vowing to drop out of the waiting game, as should you or anyone whose been waiting for something that won’t come to them without some initiative.

I’m vowing to no longer wait for opportunities but to rather seek and tackle them with full force.

I’m vowing to no longer wait for recognition but to rather demand it.

I’m vowing to no longer wait for ‘the right moment’ but to make every moment the right one, because there’s never a more perfect time than as the present.

If you’re ever in a rut or find yourself standing in the same place you said you’d be out of days, weeks, or even months ago, just ask yourself, “What am I waiting for.” And if your answer isn’t worthwhile, then start moving.

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